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Water treatment system at capacity 1000m3 per day

Technology and engineering input activity

  •  Water analysis and chemical-technological treatment tests
    •  Sample of sea water intake from biggest distance from the shore (It must not include solid particle)
    •  Chemical-technological solution and laboratory treatment tests with using reverse osmosis
    •  Choice optimal relation mixing of treatment water and fresh water from drill hole or other source on the isle
    •  For this role is need take water sample from using source of fresh water on the isle, with sufficient capacity which is possible use for this role
      •  Upon it isn't find this source, is perhaps find alternative technological solution.
  •  Technological solution with price fixing for delivery
    •  Technological solution for water treatment
    •  Technological description
    •  Treatment technological scheme
    •  Description construction demands
    •  Estimate power demands and working substance usage.
    •  Set the investing and operating load
  •  Building construction documentation and technological part
Water treatment delivery and montage

  • Water treatment - filtration
  • Ionex filters
  • Main treatment unit - reverse osmosis module, high-pressure pump and control unit
  • Main distribution frame
  • Pumping and feeding technology
  • Wiring
  • Metering and regulation
  • Delivery limit is:
    • end of pipe with raw water supply to treatment place - intake
    • outlet pipe from treatment - outtake
Final and handing engineering process
  • Working regulations
  • Attendance at pilot operation
Operators and engineering supervisor teach in
  • Operators teach in
  • Teach in local service organization for services and attendance water treatment
Operating cost

  • Chemical
  • Antiscalant feeding into membrane modules RO
  • Regulatory ionex chemically
  • Possibly clarify chemically
  • Power energy
  • Operators
  • Service and attendance

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