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Building of the Technological Center for Water Desalination

Project objectives
  • Acquisition of lands with the area of 199.6 hectares
    • 12 km north-east from Praia
    • 100 metresfrom the sea
  • Winning the tender for the delivery of technologies
    • Desalination plant for the production of drinking and service water
    • Water / air heating and cooling
    • Treatment of sewage
    • Power supply
    • Other possible technological variants (biogas, wastes incineration, etc.)
Project studies
  • For the implementation of the project, the followingstudies will be necessary
    • Opportunity study
    • Pre-feasibility study
    • Feasibility study
Ecology and environment
  • Implementation of the project is based on the use of environment-friendly technologies
    • Alternative, renewable power sources
    • Optimum use of local natural conditions
  • Water heating and cooling –solar energy
  • Power supply –wind energy
  • Use of other energy sources (recycling, biogas…)
Conditions of water supply
  • Determination of required supply and water temperatures
    • Apartmentcomplex
    • Public network
    • Cold service water (expected temperature 12°C)
    • Hot service water (expected temperature 56°C)
  • Technological prerequisites
    • Water desalination (reverse osmosis)
    • Water heating, cooling and storage
    • Water distribution within the apartmentcomplex and public network
Water / air heating and cooling
  • Heating
    • Thermal solar system (solar collectors)
  • Cooling
    • Heat absorption from solar system for cooling
  • Water cooling
  • Central air conditioning
    • In case of interest for a development project
Electric power supply
  • Determination of required power supply (regular and peak)
    • Apartmentcomplex
    • Public network
    • Technological centre
  • Conditions for the connection to the public network
    • Technical requirements for the connection to the network
    • Voltage of the public network system
    • Possible locality of connection
    • Provision of central dispatching of the distribution network and possible use of the existing one
    • Other conditions for power distribution network building
  • Specification of technologies and their adjustment according to the requirements
Other possible deliveries of technological units
  • Sewage treatment plant
    • Use of treated water for agricultural land, parks and other green areas irrigation, the biological wastes from the treatment plant can be used for biogas station and also for agriculture and lawn and planting
  • Biogas station
    • Power and heat production from gas obtained from sewage treatment and wastes storage)
  • Municipal wastes incineration plant
    • Power and heat production from municipal wastes incineration)

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