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Engineering technology

Engineering technology represents an integral part of development, construction and production of machinery and equipment. A special working team is devoted to the development of special machinery and equipment including the application of modern technological procedures and new materials, especially plastics. The team is ready – on its own or through a middleman service – to provide for the customers’ needs in the following areas:

  • Development, construction and production of single-purpose machines and equipment.
  • Using industrial design elements in the form of graphic art technical designs of machines, equipment, their components and final products as well.
  • Manufacturing processes and procedures in the production of special machinery components for different customers.
  • Processing technological projects and rationalization studies including their implementation especially in the fields of:
    • Engineering technologies
    • Material manipulation
    • Warehousing
    • Robotization
  • Arrangement of machinery and equipment deliveries with the application of modern engineering technologies, including their realization in the form of individual deliveries or complete industrial units.
  • Adjustment of NC machine tools for specified parts including the construction and production of fixtures and special tools.
  • Processing material and engineering specifications for the products according to the customers’ specifications.
  • Certification of new materials samples.
  • Methods of plastic waste recycling.
  • Application of modern insulation technologies, especially in deliveries of complete CO2 warehousing facilities including engineering and implementation.
  • Proposals for the application of suitable new materials designed for the construction of machines and equipment.

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