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The aim of the CHEPOS enterprise is to provide professional services and to supply complete industrial plants in the fields of chemistry, low-tonnage and professional chemistry, ecology, energy industry, rubber industry, food production and processing, low-temperature technology and machinery including storage and handling equipment. Specific investment possibilities include:

  • Processing complex data for development; programmes of state institutions and investors; the elaboration of firmly established projects
  • Technical and economic estimation of entrepreneurial schemes, especially those which may require a bank loan
  • Administering the links between the experimental and the developmental platforms; and, more important, links between the basic and applied research and the user’s sphere
  • Complex coordination of important tasks regarding development and innovation
  • Selection, proposal and application of licensing funds including servicing and counselling activities during the conclusion of license contracts
  • Coordination and safeguard of bilateral, eventually multilateral international cooperation with the select companies in the select territories
  • Administering expert’s reports and consultative activities for customers from abroad and domestic investors
  • Production and participation in the realization of an effective marketing strategy for existing firms or new entrepreneurs.

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