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Crude Oil Treatment and Petrochemistry

Owing to our more than 40 years of experience in the designing, supplies and construction of chemical and petrochemical installations, we have the necessary qualification for providing these services to the partners and clients of CHEPOS at present and in the future.

The possibilities of our teams include:

  • Fuel filling stations
  • Warehouse facilities for oil products
  • Water desalination and salt treatment
  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Chemical industry appliances
  • Analyses and laboratory test of raw materials
  • Selection of optimal processes and licensers
  • Elaboration of technoeconomic studies
  • Calculation of investment and operating costs
  • Elaboration of single or multistage projects
  • Complete supplies of installations
  • Assembling
  • Execution of complex tests
  • Starting new sets
  • Putting in operation

Proving guaranteed outputs by the delivery of individual complexes or complete units for chemical and petrochemical industries, primarily for:

  • Crude oil refineries
  • Petrochemical productions
  • Treatment of gases
  • Sulphur production
  • Fertilizers production
  • Agrochemicals production

CHEPOS also provides revamping, retro-fitting and upgrading of existing installations according to customers’ wish and requirements.

The technical level of CHEPOS-supplied processes and installations is systematically monitored and increased in accord with all existing legislative and ecological standards and regulations. Our teams’ primary and cardinal endeavour is the achievement of our customers and partners’ satisfaction while preserving top technical level and optimum investment and operating costs.

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