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Customer service

The continuous cooperation with the customer even after the installation of the unit gives us a fresh view of the products features and thus contributes to further development of our products. CHEPOS offers more than a mere installation and launching of the unit. The team of experienced professionals is ready to render complete services includin training and consultations.

  • We provide guarantee and after-guarantee service on our products.
  • Overhaul of stainless and enamelled tanks.
  • We do assembly of technological complexes and we put them into operation.
  • By mutual agreement we execute repairs and servicing of other producers’ installations.
  • We carry out upgrading of older products according to customer’s specifications.
  • We provide adaptations of pasteurizers to EU standards.
  • We repair small-size damages of enamel in enamelware at the customer’s place.
  • We execute all assembly works, including the opening of the mechanical seal.
  • We carry out inspections of enamel in tanks, as well as other activities connected with our products.
Spare parts

After sales services is an inseparable part of our customer care.

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