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The primary objective of our company is the development of a progressive knowledgebase and its implementation in a precise manner so as to achieve maximum efficiency. Other than engineering, our company specializes in the delivery of complete industrial plants composed of several industrial branches. We readily offer the following services in this regard:

Expert engineering services
  • Design clarification for the application of ferrous and non-ferrous materials including plastics in the specified areas.
  • Engineering assistance in the introduction of recognized worldwide standards and regulations.
  • Conceiving projects for the improvement of the company’s internal management organization oriented towards the market mechanism, automatization of efficient planning and the management of production and supply and, if need be, the related areas, including the design and delivery of information technology, the implementation of a complex project solution, the cooperation in IT introduction including guarantees.
  • Elaboration of pre-project and project documentation.
Commercial activities
  • Ensuring the construction of technological installations both at home and abroad, including their completion in the form of individual and complex supplies.
  • Pursuing commercial activities related to shipments (within the commercial vicinity of the business).
  • Foreign trade activity in the commodities within the commercial vicinity of the business.
  • Counselling services in the foreign exchange – financial sphere.
  • Organization of financial security and back-up involved in modernizing and investment programmes including the exploitation of non-traditional forms (leasing, barter, trading, etc.)
  • Inspection and monitoring activity (pre-manufacturing, manufacturing, deadline), processing and sale of suppliers’ network charts, quality inspection.
  • Market research and acquisition activities.
  • Commercial activities for other subjects.

Long-term goals

  • To create long-lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers, while observing the principles of a mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • To continuously build an innovation-oriented company management and to universally support the company’s creative employees.
  • To maintain permanent contact with the customers-consumers, to monitor and evaluate continuously the functionality and viability of the implemented projects and installations as one of the important factors of desirable innovations.

Should you be interested in cooperation with us in the future, please see our list of references, where you can find the list of successfully realized projects both inland and abroad.

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