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Food processing industry­

Range of products

Machinery and equipment for the food-processing industry represent the traditional range of products of CHEPOS. Experienced teams of CHEPOS experts provide their partners and customers with services in building small and mid-sized bakeries, small and mid-sized dairies and small and mid-sized slaughter houses including the production of meat products. We supply the following complete industrial plants:

  • Dough lines
  • Small and medium-sized mills
  • Bakery installations
  • Meat producing and processing installations
  • Dairies
  • Sugar refineries
  • Cheese factories
  • Mini-breweries and breweries
  • Packaging technology for food processing industry (salami and sausage production)
Small and medium-sized bakeries

Small and medium-sized bakeries with a capacity of 50-300kg/hour of processed dough are supplied as complete or as separate units./p>

  • Flour management
  • Dough preparation
  • Dough processing
  • Baking and shipment
  • Sanitation

or they are supplied as single machines and equipment (ovens, rising rooms, kneading troughs, roll-making machines, etc.). The bakeries can be supplied with a pasta production line.

Small and medium-sized dairies

Small and medium-sized dairies with the daily capacity of 20 to 50 thousand litres of processed milk have the following range of basic components:

  • Milk receiving
  • Milk treatment
  • Production of consumer milk and cream completed according to the customer’s preference with sets for:
    • Butter production
    • Sour products production
    • Quark production
    • Cheese production

PIf required, the dairies are equipped with a steam and ice cold water production unit, a refrigeratory, Wastewater treatment plant and other auxiliary complexes.

Slaughter houses and meat products manufacturing

Slaughter houses and meat production supplied by CHEPOS consists of the following complexes:

  • Slaughtering pigs or cattle
  • Processing intestines and tripe
  • Slaughter house chillroom
  • Carvery and meat preparation
  • Raw and salted meat chillroom
  • Mixing unit and sausage filler
  • Smokehouse
  • Boiling room
  • Dispatch department
  • Unhooking, transport case washing facility, warehouses

The projected capacity is 20 to 50 pieces of hog and 4 to 10 pieces of cattle per week. It is also possible to process sheep.

Mini-breweries, breweries and brewing installations

Mini-breweries are intended for brewing beer of the pilsner type. The installation is nevertheless suitable for brewing other types of beer according to the customer’s preferences. The design of the particular appliances enables their direct integration into the restaurant building, where the produced beer is consumed as yeasty or freshly filtered. The yearly capacity of a mini-brewery is from 1000 to 5000 hl. (26420-132100 gal.). The technological installations classification:

  • Preparation of malt grout
  • Brewing house and swirling tank
  • Cooling the wort
  • Fermentation and lager tanks
  • Filtration and filling tanks
  • Sanitation and power installations
  • Mini-brewery supply and assembly: “en bloc” delivery including piping enables an assembly in a very short time.

All the installations are equipped with adjustable legs that do not require special setting for the assembly.

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